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"Splanka Therapy is the first Christian protocol for energy psychology. Energy psychology utilizes the same system in the body that acupuncture and chiropractic are based on to alleviate emotional trauma that is physically stored. The Splankna Protocol incorporates elements from three different energy psychology protocols:  *Thought Field Therapy, *EMDR , and *Neuro-Emotional Technique.

It also incorporates prayer as an integral part of every session..."

-excerpt from www.splankna.com

Hear what clients have said about their experiences with Splankna Therapy:

 >  "Splankna is an amazing form of counseling that has brought light and hope into my life in a way that nothing else has."

> "I recently had some feelings of frustration and depression. Through Splanka, I was able to see what the core problem was. Through Splanka, I was able to discover feelings that have been deep seated in my subconscious. It explained a lot of why I was feeling the way I was."

>  "It has truly transformed the way I think and it helps me to explore my feelings in a way that I may not be able to verbally explain. It is an amazing structure...I love Splanka!" 

>  "Splanka counseling is the most amazing form of counseling there is. When first introduced to the idea, it seemed unreal and I wasn't sure how to feel about it. After the first session, it was incredible... I was able to open up in a way that was freeing and felt amazing!" 

> "Doing Splankna with Kathi has been incredibly insightful and healing.  It's like compressing months of therapy into a single session because you go so deep so fast."

​>  "It's really remarkable how the body responds to the muscle testing and how the Holy Spirit guides us throughout each session.  I've grown so much in my self-understanding, and God has brought longed-for freedom through breaking old agreements."

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Does it feel like you are stuck in the emotions from the past and you can't let go?

Have you talked through certain issues over and over again, made commitments to change, and yet those old feelings, thoughts, and behaviors continue to pop up?

If you are ready to move beyond the memories, emotions, and subconscious patterns that hold you back, Splankna Therapy can help.  Splankna is a Mind-Body Therapy that can be a highly effective tool to add to traditional talk therapy, and it is applicable to nearly any psychological symptom, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD, just to name a few. It is helpful in Couples Therapy as well, as a means of healing past hurts in the relationship, and increasing understanding and connection between partners.

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