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Marriage Therapy / Couples Therapy...

Are you and your partner feeling disconnected? Does it seem that you all you do is fight? Have you tried everything you can think of to make things better?

I strongly encourage couples to seek therapy when they are struggling and feeling disconnected. There are a lot of reasons why couples seek out therapy, including the following...

Communication     /     Conflict     /     Lack of connection     /     Sex and Intimacy

Infidelity     /     Broken Trust     /     Pre-Marital Therapy    /     Re-Marriage after Divorce

Finances     /     Major life decisions     /     Parenting     /     Family Issues 

If you and your partner are struggling, or wish to build a stronger relationship, I can help. I will be an advocate for the relationship, to help each partner be heard and understood equally. My job is to guide the interactions between two partners in order to bring about effective communication, increased connection, and help change the patterns that are roadblocks in the relationship.  I offer a variety of tools and techniques to help each partner express herself/himself, preparing them both to work through difficult situations outside of the therapy room.

Many couples seek out therapy when they are in crisis and don't know where else to turn. Many others find great value in occasional "relationship check-ups" in order to ensure that they remain on the same page instead of letting life distract them from nurturing their relationship. Please let me know how I can help you!