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My name is Kathi Hall, and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, and owner of Hope for the Journey Counseling, LLC in Wheat Ridge Colorado.

For the past 7 years, I have been working with individuals and couples (married and unmarried) who struggle with mental health issues, or in their relationships. When clients come to see me, they often feel like therapy is the last resort. Even in the very first session, I work with them to slow down, listen to each other, and remember why they care about each other. I strive to bring a calm, understanding, and sometimes humorous element to therapy so that each person can feel safe to express their feelings and say what needs to be said. It's an amazing experience to witness my clients finding strength and courage within themselves, as they realize that things really can change, and that their relationship doesn't have to be so hard. I teach them new ways of communicating, effective conflict management, and how to repair intimacy and restore trust. They begin to believe in their marriage / relationship, and see each other as partners again. 

My journey began years ago when I experienced difficulties in my own relationship, and I didn't know where to turn. I felt hurt, lost and alone, and as much as my family and friends loved and supported me, I needed something more. When I found a mental health therapist with whom I felt comfortable, I was able to work through the emotions and address the issues that were keeping me stuck. She helped me to be kind to myself, to trust my myself again, and to be aware of the unhealthy patterns in my life and relationships. I came out of that experience stronger, more confident, and with skills to help me cope with hard times in the future.

This led me to pursue my degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and grow a private practice. My passion is to pass on to you and your loved one the hope that I found along my path. No matter what is happening around you, choosing to believe that there is hope, is the beginning of change...in yourself and in your marriage / relationship.

I will walk beside you and help you change your relationship for the better...
And find Hope for the Journey! 

Kathi Hall, MA

Hope for the Journey Counseling, LLC.
4251 Kipling St. Suite 560

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